Mobile Solution
Fusion Recruit solves the biggest hiring challenges for organizations of any size. The platform was designed to be an easy add on to to any recruiter’s workflow. This platform has proven to increase both candidate volume and quality because of the unique mobile experience and design. Recruiters will only receive applications from candidates that apply to their job posting, providing a higher volume of premium candidates.

Mobile Candidate Experience
The user experience with a Fusion Recruit application is designed to make the candidate feel more engaged with a company from the first click. Fusion Recruit’s application progress meter updates when each question is completed to help encourage the candidate towards the goal of finishing the application. To ensure a consistent candidate experience, Fusion Recruit enables recruiters to customize an application with features such as a company logo and brand colors. All of this, in one package that redefines what an application experience should be.

Mobile Application
To be a leader in converting candidates to apply for open positions, Fusion Recruit’s mobile-first approach features large buttons and form fields designed to be easy to read, easy to press, and easy to type. In addition, the application offers effortless navigation by grouping together application questions into chapters, allowing the user to progress forward in the application without feeling lost. Fusion Recruiting Labs has found that the Fusion Recruit mobile-first solution boosts conversion rates for applications on mobile devices by over 60% compared to current mobile applications.

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